"How is the writing going?"

5/20/2018 10:10:00 am

It's been nearly four years since I've published a book. I hate thinking about how long it's been since I've completed a project but I've found it hard to carve the time out to properly write: uninterrupted and fully immersed.

When I was writing full time, I was alone most days either in my flat in Richmond, Virginia when my partner was at his job or at my parent's house when they were out working. I had solitude and a routine. I had a designated writing place. I had hours of uninterrupted time to write and rewrite.

Now, things are different. I did a Master's degree. I go a full time job. I moved countries. And I stopped writing. Rather, I stopped making the time to write and, when I found the time to sit and write, I realised that uninterrupted time was no more.

Working the same hours as my partner means we rarely get to spend time alone in the flat. Sure, we have the space to separate but uninterrupted space? No more. There are tea breaks and bathroom breaks and breaks just to say hi.

90% of the time, I'm not writing.

But that 10%, halfway through a sentence or stanza, my train of thought is broken and derailed.

And that is okay. It is life.

There is rarely such a luxury as the uninterrupted writing time I had. It just means the writing is slower. It is piecemeal and it requires more time to edit together pieces of poems and prose that my be saying the same thing but read differently: different tones and moods and cadence.

I am working on becoming a writer that can work anywhere. On the train, in a coffee shop, a quick scribble on a post it at the office, but this progress is slow and so is the writing.

But it is coming along.

I think my writing goals for myself this year were quite lofty in light of this but I do plan on getting at least one book out this year: a verse novel.

It is happening. And, so far, it's really good. It's just going to take a white to get where it needs to be: full length and fleshed out and thrust into the world.

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