Grad School Has Taken Over My Life!

5/01/2015 08:27:00 am

Anyone visiting my website in the past few months has probably been thinking, "wow, this girl hasn't blogged in months! She is the worst author, writer, whatever ever!" And you are absolutely right! I am a terrible blogger. I know this about myself. I am so sorry. However, in my defense, I am a week away from finishing my final semester of postgraduate studies and this semester has been crazy hectic since day one. I haven't had time for weekly summaries because I've been crazy busy.

Here's a quick summary of what's happened this semester:

  • I got an internship at Osprey Publishing in Oxford. I work in the Marketing Department once a week and, thanks to my kick ass boss who has been very patient with me, have learned a TON of new skills. I was very hesitant to work at a military history publisher. It's not a subject I know and it's not an audience I can really relate to but I think because of this, I've learned a lot about working in the industry. My boss has given me something new to work on every week and while I feel like I work at a turtle's pace right now, I feel like taking my time to get what I'm doing now right will help me in the long run. 
  • I attended Working in Publishing Day at Oxford Brookes. What is that? It's the best thing ever! A lot of people in my course thought it was pointless but I thought the seminars with publishing recruitment agencies on cover letter writing and interview skills were incredibly helpful (got me an internship! -see above) and really interesting. There was also speed-dating with the editors all afternoon which I found super exciting. I met with a guy from Ingram Spark and got to talk self-publishing for a while which was probably my favorite part of the day. 
  • I volunteered at the London Book Fair on Thursday April 16th and it was awesome! I worked in the conference center as a "Seminar Host" for Bic's 2 hour seminar about publishing data and in the afternoon at at the Literary Festival panels. It was hugely exciting and I got to work beside Orna O'Brien, London Bookfair's Conference Manager and listen to some really great debates over something I care a LOT about: paying authors to attend events. What a day!

  • I decided on my topic for my MAJOR PROJECT. (Cue dramatic music!) It's going to be a big deal and I'm going to talk about it more over the summer as I prepare to launch it but I don't want to give away much more than I'm creating an awesome resource for self-published authors so stay tuned for lots of details. 
  • Because of my major project, I'm trying out loads of new self-publishing techniques and tools. I'm putting my book Girls Who Wear Pink up on NoiseTrade FOR FREE and have been releasing chapters from all my books on Wattpad. I haven't been able to spend a huge amount of time working on these ventures because, you know, grad school, but it's been fun. 
  • Last by not least, I'm a little over halfway done with a new novel! And it's dystopian (yeah, I know!) I'm hoping to release it over summer but it's going to need quite the editing overhaul so I can't really give a date yet. I've also got a verse novel in the works but it's in early stages still because I can't really decide on a direction to take it in. 
Anyway, I hope that does an okay job of summing up my semester in a few words. I'm planning to blog more over summer with details about my major project and the books I'm working on. Here's to a successful final week of class EVER and a very productive summer working on this project and my new book. 

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  1. Hello Amy Ellis! I read ur book on Noisetrade. I liked it-although I found out it was a little bit older for me. Cuz I'm 12. I had no idea u were a blogger/author too! I found your blog because I thought u had a publishing company. U know cuz on the cover it said Amy Ellis where the publishers name is to be. Then I realised it was self-published. But I'm not angry, or anything! I'm a self-publiahed author too! My blog is I called myself mystery girl blog is a place were I post my thoughts. So... Pls reply! Ciao


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