Weekly Grad School Wrap-Up Week 6

10/31/2014 01:27:00 pm

Happy Halloween and Happy Halfway Though the Semester Point! That's right, I'm 1/4 of the way through my graduate school program and this week it got real. Really real. 

There isn't much of a wrap up of class time this week since my classes were mostly reviews, tests, and wrap-ups this week. (Plus, I kind of wrote the world's longest post about marketing earlier this week so it's safe to say, there's enough information on the blog at this moment to hold all three readers off for a week.)

However, I do have a pretty good life lesson to take away from this week: Don't Panic. 

The week leading up to our big marketing test was filled with absolute blind panic on the part of my classmates. No one wanted to nab a quick drink after a long day of classes. No one could "focus on anything but marketing" and people even skipped our NEILSEN BOOKSCAN TRAINING Tuesday morning in order to study more. 

Basically, the entire department was a wreck. 

Me? I was hanging out all weekend with cute dogs at my in-laws' house and drinking too much at a BYOB curry house. I had a fantastic, stress free weekend that led up to a couple days of hardcore studying Sunday night-Tuesday. You know how I felt when I took the test? 

Prepared. I felt prepared. 

How did everyone else feel when they took the test? 


Granted, by the end of yesterday, I was so tired I was sure I was going to fall asleep on the train and miss my stop but I felt good about my decision not to panic and I've been telling my classmates that panicking isn't doing them any favors because it's not. 

We've got a lot of assignments coming up in the next few weeks and we're all going to be busy as hell and I hope that everyone finds a way to deal with the stress of graduate school besides a blind panic because from what I saw this week, it's just not healthy. 

So what's this week's lesson? Stop panicking and just start getting your shit done. It's easier just to do it than to moan and fret about actually doing it. 

Anyway, have a great Halloween! I'll be at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford tonight so if you're in town, say hello!

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