Lunchtime Publishing Seminar with Micheal Bhaskar

10/21/2014 08:59:00 pm

After a whirlwind day, I wanted to be sure to sit down and write a quick summary of today's Lunchtime Publishing Seminar at Oxford Brookes University. I've been looking forward to seeing Micheal Bhaskar speak since I first looked him up at the beginning of the semester after viewing our list of guest speakers and he certainly did not disappoint.

I had actually volunteered to greet him when he arrived on campus with another classmate and was giddy with excitement. I mean, this guy is awesome and all the Digital Publishing students were totally fangirling over this guy's work. From The Content Machine to his work on The Digital Canon, this guy's job is what everyone in my course dreams of doing. And while he certainly walks the walk when it comes to working in the industry, he also really knows how to talk the talk as well.

While we had a little under an hour to get through a large amount of content, Micheal took us through a whirlwind presentation. We began in the history of the ebook and how it managed to somehow wind its way into the industry despite belief that it would die in the dot com bubble burst then found our way into how to market ebooks and how publishers need to position themselves in this digital market. Because, in Micheal's words, 'if you want to stay true to publishing, you have to stay on the cutting edge.' And in order to do that, publishing companies need to realized that with the power of distribution of ebooks being given to the everyday writer (that's us self-published peeps!) the publishers have to realize that their role is less about distribution and more about amplification, or finding an audience for the works they're publishing. Instead of being gatekeepers, they should be loudspeakers. I really like that idea.

Overall, the whole talk was wonderful and if you ever get the chance to see Micheal speak, don't hesistate to do it. So far, he's one of my favorite guest speakers at Oxford Brookes and I look forward to hearing more from someone who has such great ideas and insights into the industry.

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