Grad School Weekly Wrap-Up: Weeks 3 & 4

10/20/2014 10:20:00 am

I am the worst and got behind on my blog. I said I wouldn't get behind on a weekly blog post yet here I am. I'm going to throw the Frankfurt Book Fair under the bus again and say it was all Frankfurt's fault for my delay (and the fact that I only had 2 days of class Week 3) but it was really just me putting off the post to do school work. I'll try not to let it happen again.

I'm also going to start including the books I'm reading for class as a guide in case you're looking for further reading. (Note: these recommendations do include affiliate links because I'm a poor graduate student.)

Here's what I learned these past two weeks:

1. Editorial Management: We've officially begun our 7 week proofreading course in this class and are quickly blowing through techniques for becoming expert proofreaders. I am struggling with quotation marks in British English and am most certainly bringing a dictionary to the test for emergency spelling situations. If you want to proofread, here are some tips:

  • Nab a copy of proofreading marks from the British Standards Institute. These are pretty important. 
  • Remember that the text you're reading probably won't be nicely double spaced and perfect for you so, luckily, the BSI has given you a sweet standardized set of in line and marginal symbols to use. There is no longer a need to make wild proofreading marks in and outside of text. These marks keep your copy looking nice and clean, easy to read, and therefore efficient. Time is money in publishing.
  • Blue ink is for author/publisher changes. Red ink is for typesetter errors. This is pretty standard. Unfortunately, I don't have a red pen yet so obviously I'm struggling. 
  • Use a guide if you're editing on paper. Use a ruler or a piece of thick, blank paper to cover up the text and reveal it line by line. This breaks up the reading and allows you to read as a proofreader and not a casual reader, something every easy to slip into. 
  • Always double check line breaks and especially page breaks. Errors such as double words are easy to miss in these places so pay extra attention!
2. Marketing Management: We've had some amazing guest speakers who truly deserved their own posts but with traveling to Frankfurt the day after Andrew Plume, Associate Director of Scientometrics & Market Analysis at Elsevier came to deliver an awesome presentation on Market Research and having a crazy bad fever the day Hazel Kenyon, Head Publisher Account Manager for Neilsen Book Scan visited, it just didn't happen. I am so sorry. Part of post-graduate school is that sometimes shit just hits the fan and you've gotta keep going, even if that means putting your awesome blog on hold while you try to hang on for dear life. I've honestly learned too much these two weeks to accurately sum it all up here so maybe I'll have to end up writing another post to make up for it (probably not.. I've got homework to do...) I'm so sorry. 

I'm currently reading Marketing: The Basics by Karl Moore and Niketh Pareek.

3. Design and Production: Unfortunately I missed my beloved Thursday classes because I was on my merry way to Germany week 3 but I played a lot of catch up in InDesign afterwards and my biggest lesson learned this week is that Adobe's online tutorials are fabulous. During week 3, the classes didn't stop for those of us travelling to a far off book fair place so we were left to figure out master pages and layout grids on our own. The horror! (Not really.) While my classmates panicked about not understanding InDesign, I did a quick Google and fell in love with Adobe's in-depth tutorials. I learned in 10 minutes what would've taken up an hour to go through. It is truly beside me how people are still struggling with this program while there are these fabulous guides that explain it all so plainly. I've been trying to spread the news around to my classmates but I figured if at least one person reads this blog and finds sweet InDesign relief, my job is done here. 

I'm currently reading Book Typography A Designer's Manual by Micheal Mitchel and Susan Wightman from Libanus Press. 

This week's wrap up was not as in-depth or as helpful as I'd planned on being but summing up two weeks of intensive learning would've taken a novel-length post that I don't have the time or patience to write right now. 

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