Belbin Test For Group Work Roles

9/29/2014 02:45:00 pm

As I'm sitting around waiting for the electrician to arrive at my apartment so I can finally go run my much needed errands (I HAVE NO SCHOOL SUPPLIES!!!), I decided to take the Belbin Test to determine what type of role I truly fill in group work. I thought my results were interesting enough to share. 

If you read my weekly wrap-up from week 1, you know we discussed the different roles people play while working in groups. We were given sheets that explained the 8 roles of group members and asked to categorize ourselves and compare to the rest of the group. I labeled myself at the "(Resource) Investigator." Turns out, that's exactly what I am. 

What is an investigator? 

An investigator finds things out, always knows someone who..., brings information back to the team, enthusiastic, gregarious. Can be lazy and complacent. 

I think that just about sums it up. I really enjoy finding new information and building up a knowledge base. Unfortunately, like the longer description in the test mentions, I have the ability to lose interest in something as the initial excitement wanes and I no longer enjoy working on that project. 

A (not very close) secondary role is the "Innovator/Plant." This also suits me. 

What is an Innovator/Plant?

An innovator produces ideas, is imaginative, unorthodox, radical, clever, uninhibited. Can be over sensitive and prickly. May need careful handling and may prefer to work alone.

Got it. Nail on the head with these two. Maybe that's because the descriptions are written a bit like horoscopes: broad enough to reach a wide audience. Maybe I'm just a sucker for that stuff. Either was, I'm really excited to bring this information back to my group and see if any other group members had correctly picked their traits. 

Have you ever taken the Belbin Test? Did it match how you identify your role within a group? Or do you just try to avoid group work at all costs?

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